Heavy-Duty CNC Router: Precision Drive for Premium Quality

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Pacer Series: A Heavy-Duty, steel framed CNC machine delivering precision, reliability and ease of use, ideal for plastic and aluminium CNC router projects.

pacer series cnc routers
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PACER Series

pacer series cnc routers

The Pacer Series of CNC routers are designed for applications requiring precision, reliability and ease of use. The robust construction of the Pacer machines allow them to be used for processing all non-ferrous metals as well as plastics, woods, laminates and composites.

They are available with eight different process areas designed to suit most popular sizes of sheet material. 

All Pacer Series machines are built on a single piece, stress relieved heavy duty steel frame and include a fully zoned aluminum vacuum bed with either manual or automatic switching. The steel gantry runs on high quality linear bearings and is driven on both sides by servo motors coupled through planetary gearboxes. This provides a strong transmission for quality high speed machining and auto squaring of the gantry for precise alignment at all times.

The X and Y axes are driven by helical rack and pinions. This offers superior high speed performance - up to 2,000 ipm - for quiet running, greater accuracy, smoother cutting and allows greater acceleration to be used where required. Precise depth control is achieved on the Z axis by using a ballscrew drive for backlash free motion.

Pacer Series

The Pacer Series machine is ideally suited for applications in signmaking, plastics processing, woodworking and all manufacturing industries where a high quality cut finish, precise dimensional tolerances or very fine engraving may be required. 

A wide range of options are available for these machines including multiple cutting heads, automatic toolchange, high power spindles, knife tools, AVS camera recognition and many more.

Standard Processing Areas  
Pacer 4004 60" x 48" (1524mm x 1219mm)
Pacer 4008 60" x 96" (1524mm x 2438mm)
Pacer 4010 60" x 120" (1524mm x 3048mm)
Pacer 4012 60" x 144" (1524mm x 3658mm)
Pacer 5010 72" x 120" (1842mm x 3048mm)
Pacer 6010 85" x 120" (2159mm x 3048mm)
Pacer 6020 85" x 240" (2159mm x 6096mm)
Pacer 8010 103" x 120" (2635mm x 3048mm)
Standard Gantry Clearance 6" (150mm)
Drive System Helical Rack and Pinion on X and Y. Precision ballscrews on Z. Servo motors on all axes with planetary gearboxes
Maximum Feed Rate Up to 2,000ipm (50m/min) depending on configuration and safety options
Tool Calibration Fully automatic by built-in sensor
Workholding Integrated zoned vacuum bed
Controller 7 segment, A2MC controller
  Dedicated NC control with G and M codes
  Network and internet connectivity
  4Gb onboard memory
Popular options Automatic toolchange, twin or triple head
  High speed and high power spindles, knife and drill heads
  AVS camera registration system, misting unit
  High gantry clearance, up to 16" (400mm)