Industrial CNC Router: Endless CNC router configurations

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AXYZ Series: An industrial CNC router offering an endless range of CNC machine sizes and tooling configurations. Over 5000 CNC machines in service worldwide.

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Who is it for?

AXYZ Series CNC Routers serve diverse industries, such as: ACM VideoSign & Graphics VideoWoodworking VideoPlastic Fabrication VideoMetal Fabrication VideoSolid Surface Video​, and many more. 

Small and mid-size businesses benefit from the ability to provide one-off, low volume, and on-demand production runs for their clients. Large companies implement the system to expedite high volume production for major projects.

What makes it unique?

We realize that each industry has specific needs and that our customers require a competitive advantage--something that helps differentiate you from your competition. 

AXYZ Series CNC Routers Video offer an extensive range of machine sizes, a variety of tooling configurations, and the most diverse combination of productivity options in the industry. For over twenty years our innovative team has continued to develop and evolve this automated system to increase versatility and enhance performance. 

Over 5000 machines, in active service daily, establish the AXYZ Series CNC Router as the proven and trusted processing solution across numerous industries. 


The rigid steel frame, fitted with an aluminum deck, creates a strong structure to support demanding processes. The vacuum hold-down system is configured with a minimum of five independently controlled zones for optimum management. The “T” slot deck also allows for manual clamping. 

All AXYZ Series Routers incorporate high tolerance machine components such as the X- and Y-axes helical rack and pinion drive system and the Z-axis ball screw. Servo drive motors on all axes provide both precision and high-speed motion. The helical gears and servo drive configuration ensures constant machine engagement that results in quieter operation and greatly reduces wear, which ultimately leads to extended machine life. The even distribution of workload affords increased feed rates and produces greater cut accuracy. 

The 6-inch gantry clearance and 10 inch Z-axis stroke allow you to easily load, process, and unload thicker materials. Multiple carriages or multiple gantries allow you to equip the machine to meet specific requirements. The tool carriage(s) can host up to three independent cutting heads, consisting of routing spindles and/or knife cutting units. 

HSD router spindles feature a simple and powerful quick-release tool change system that can increase productivity. The manual tool-change Elte spindles provide a more economical collet and covernut alternative. Adding a single or multi-drilling unit can also enhance productivity. 

The versatility of the AXYZ oscillating and tangential knife cutting units allow an expansive range of material to be processed with ease and precision. 

The powerful A2MC controller, the heart of every AXYZ machine, reduces the bounce and vibration caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration (evident in many other control systems). 

The AXYZ Smart Console Video, positioned conveniently alongside the gantry, boosts productivity. The compact design and intuitive interface provide the operator with in-hand control of the machine. Built-in help systems support novice operators and the enhanced features allow more experienced operators to maximize productivity.

Standard Processing Areas  
AXYZ 2000 28" Width. Lengths from 48" to 50ft
AXYZ 4000 60" Width. Lengths from 48" to 50ft
AXYZ 5000 72" Width. Lengths from 120" to 50ft
AXYZ 6000 85" Width. Lengths from 120" to 50ft
AXYZ 8000 103" Width. Lengths from 120" to 50ft
AXYZ 10000 128" Width. Lengths from 120" to 50ft
Optional Additional Length 24" Increments
Standard Gantry Clearance / Z Stroke 6" / 10"
Optional Gantry Clearance 8", 10", 12"
Drive System X, Y – Rack and Pinion, Z – Ballscrew
  Direct drive servo motors on all axes
Maximum Positioning Speed 1,000ipm (higher speeds available)
Control System 7 Segment motion profile
  FPGA processor for high speed complex calculations
  Dedicated true NC control – G and M codes
  Network connection
  4 Gb onboard memory
  AXYZ SmartConsole
Power requirements 208-230 V 3 Phase / 440-460 V 3 Phase

AXYZ Series CNC Routers are the most configurable CNC Machines in the industry. Use the hotspots below to see exactly how you can enhance your CNC Router and give your organisation the required competitive advantage.

Automatic Tool Changers


 7G Automatic Tool Changer

With a 7 position automatic carousel the 7G ATC is our entry level tool changer.


 21G Automatic Tool Changer

The 21G tool changer adds another degree of flexibility offering easy and convenient methods of running multiple jobs.


33G Automatic Tool Changer

Being the biggest ATC, the 33G ATC offers a dramatic improvement in throughput capacity when processing multiple tool operations.

AXYZ International has the experience, competitive innovation, and outstanding support services to ensure your complete satisfaction. As proven by our numerous testimonials, many successful businesses continue to benefit from a customised CNC Router solution that specifically addresses the diverse needs of their organisation and the clients they serve. 

Media Nation Testimonial

Media Nation Invest in some Serious Machine Technology

Media Nations Director of Operations Jason George:  “We chose the AXYZ machine because it is very well priced and all of the functionality with the different tools that can be run on it...Purchasing the router has drastically increased profits since its installation. Media Nation has been able to grow exponentially.” Read More...

Windwalker Signs Testimonial

Increasing Competitve Edge

Windwalker Sign Studio Owner, Sandy Baird: “This AXYZ is a true work horse and has never let me down. Built like a tank and is bullet proof. It always shows up on time, never complains, and always gives me a full 60 minutes for every hour it works.” Read More...

Cornels World

Entering the Dragons' Den

Greg West, owner of reptile cage makers Cornels World: “The machine and software included is very dynamic and user friendly. With the added training it was very easy to get up and running quickly with the machine and start making money with it. With the success I am getting from the 5008 I may consider upgrading to one of the AXYZ Pacer models in the future - with or without a dragon’s help!” Read More...

Ares Orthotics Testimonial

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Ares Orthotics President, Blaine Dombowsky: “The investment shows its worth. Our product quality, turnaround, and customer service are now industry leading and we can do what no other orthotic manufacturing lab can. AXYZ is a great company to work with and they bend over backwards to try to help out.” Read More...

Custom Signs & Engineering Testimonial

A Sign That Really Pops

Bob Mounts, Purchaser at Custom Sign & Engingeering: “We are delighted with the AXYZ router and how it has helped increase our production capacity, as well as help improve the quality and consistency of our products.” Read More...

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