Upgrading to a Quick-Release, Routing Spindle

When purchasing an AXYZ CNC router, you are able to accommodate future upgrades to help your organisation upscale its capabilities long after your initial purchase.

This CNC router is a 4010 twin Z machine with a tangential knife and a 5HP Elte spindle. It is a versatile, cost-effective options and very popular with first time buyers.

You may find that the nature of your work changes and requires more tools or higher productivity.

Manually changing tools can be somewhat time consuming, and therefore a quick-release spindle and possibly an automatic tool changer is required. You can see from the video how quick and simple upgrading your machine can be.

The HSD, quick-release spindle offers both improved performance and rapid tool change. When used in conjunction with the automatic tool changer, customers receive the most effective method of running jobs requiring multiple routing tools.

For more information on items seen in this video visit our CNC router overview, cutting tools and configuration options.