Cutting foamboard with an AXYZ Tangential Knife

Cutting Foamboard with an AXYZ Tangential Knife

The Tangential Knife is a robust knife cutting tool intended for heavier, thicker and harder materials than a traditional drag knife can accommodate. A Tangential knife is a cutting blade…

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AXYZ SmartConsole video

AXYZ SmartConsole

The new AXYZ SmartConsole for the A2MC CNC Machine controller  

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3D Scanner used on an AXYZ CNC Router

3D Scanner

Three dimensional laser scanner for reverse engineering surfaces.  Easily mounts to the AXYZ machine to scan the surface of a piece.  Includes TwoCam 3D scanner with 200mm Z range, USB…

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AXYZ Twin Head CNC Router

AXYZ Twin Head CNC Router

Twin Tooled AXYZ 4010 CNC Router showing use of router and knife tools  

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Processing Xanita on an AXYZ Series CNC Router

Processing Xanita

Using twin knife tools on an AXYZ CNC Machine to process Xanita material  

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Twin Head CNC Router

Twin head routers

This video demonstrates some of the great customisation features of the AXYZ Series routers. The two carriages seen here each have a single spindle but they could have 2 or…

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AXYZ Knife Cutting Foam

AXYZ Knife cutting foam

Using the AXYZ Oscillating knife tool to cut 70mm thick foam. Blades are available in a range of styles and lengths to suit most materials.  

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Double production using Twin Carriages

Double Production using Twin Carriages

AXYZ CNC machines can be configured with more than one carriage each of which can have multiple cutting heads if required. This video shows how productivity can easily be doubled…

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Machining aluminum extrusions

Machining Aluminum Extrusions

Multi head AXYZ CNC Router with custom designed fixturing for machining aluminum extrusionsMulti head AXYZ CNC Router with custom designed fixturing for machining aluminum extrusions  

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Zoned Vacuum Deck

Zoned vacuum bed

A demonstration showing how the AXYZ Zoned Vacuum Bed is operated using manually controlled valves. Optionally the switching can be automated so that different zones are activated or deactivated as…

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