AXYZ 3D Machining - Video

AXYZ 3D Machining

Routing in 3D on an AXYZ CNC Router. Ideal for modelmaking, mould making and signmaking applications.  

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Pendulum Processing on a PANELBuilder CNC Router - Video

Pendulum Processing

For seamless, continuous cutting it's possible to split the bed of the machine into 2 virtual zones so that the operator can process one sheet whilst making ready another, thus…

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AXYZ Woodworking CNC Router Cutting a Cupboard Door - Video

AXYZ Woodworking CNC Router Cutting a Cupboard Door

Woodworking application on an AXYZ CNC Router  

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AXYZ Kiss Cutting Vinyl - Video

Axyz Kiss Cutting Vinyl

Vinyl cutting on an AXYZ CNC Machine using two different types of knife tool.  

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Fabrication of an Aluminum composite panel for cladding - Video

Fabrication of an ACM Panel

High speed grooving and cutting of aluminium composite material  

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PANELBuilder CNC solution for Panel Fabricators and Cladding - Video

PanelBuilder CNC Solutions for Panel Fabricators

The PANELBuilder system from AXYZ are world leading CNC routing solutions designed specifically for the aluminum composite (ACM) market. By combining an advanced, easy to use software solution with a…

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Brass engraving on an AXYZ CNC Router - Video

Brass Engraving on an AXYZ CNC Router

High quality engraving is easy on an AXYZ machine if you have the right tooling, materials and programs and follow the correct procedure.  

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Tangential Knife Solutions - Video

Tangential Knife Solutions

Some of the new Tangential knife cutting options available for all AXYZ machines.  

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Cutting Correx with an Oscillating Knife - Video

Cutting Correx with Oscillating Knife

Using an oscillating knife head on an AXYZ CNC Machine to cut Correx  

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AXYZ 4010 CNC Router with 5 routing spindles - Video

AXYZ 4010 Series 5 Spindles

Multi head tooling for high productivity on an AXYZ CNC Router  

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Engraving circuit board using an AXYZ CNC Router - Video

Engraving Circuit Board

Fine engraving of circuit board on an AXYZ CNC Router  

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Barcode Reader for aluminum composite panel fabrication - Video

Barcode Reader for ACM Fabrication

Using a barcode reader for higher productivity and improved workflow on an AXYZ CNC Router for ACM panel fabrication applications  

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