AXYZ CNC Router cutting aluminum - Video

AXYZ Router cutting Aluminum Sign

This video show an AXYZ Router using multiple tools to create an Aluminum sign.  

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Tangential Knife from AXYZ - Video

Tangential Knife From AXYZ

CNC Knife cutting systems from AXYZ are another innovative solution that AXYZ has developed to satisfy demand from industry. Built on the rugged platform of our CNC Router product line,…

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AXYZ CNC Router with Braille Insertion Tool - Video

AXYZ CNC Router Braille Option

This tool is designed specifically for producing braille signs. It drills precise location holes for the braille beads and then automatically inserts them. This is a massive timesaver for anyone…

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AXYZ CNC Router cutting aluminum inlay - Video

AXYZ Router cutting Aluminium Inlay

This video shows an AXYZ Router machining 15mm thick Aluminum. Processes shown include routing and engraving.  

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AXYZ CNC Router cutting and v-carving a wooden cube - Video

AXYZ CNC Router Cutting and V-Carving a Wooden Cube

This video shows an AXYZ CNC Router cutting out 25mm mahogany using a 6mm single flute downward spiral, Then V-Carving the company name and logo on all sides using a…

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AXYZ CNC Router V-carving wood - Video

Woodworking V-Carving

V-Carving on an AXYZ CNC Router  

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AXYZ CNC Router cutting printed ACM - Video

AXYZ CNC Router Cutting Printed ACM

This video shows the AXYZ Vision System cutting 3mm printed ACM. The AXYZ Vision System is a high performance, low cost solution suitable for use on all AXYZ machines for…

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Cutting 10mm clear acrylic

Cutting 10mm Clear Acrylic

This shows the AXYZ Router cutting 10mm clear cast Acrylic, leaving a nice polished edge finish.  

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AXYZ Gang Drill Option - Video

AXYZ Gang Drill Option

This shows the AXYZ Multi head Drill in operation, a really useful option for cabinet makers, custom millworkers and display manufacturers.

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Machining a Nylon Gear - Video

Machining Nylon Gear

This video shows machining an engineering component out of nylon, the AXYZ series router with its helical rack and servo motor drives give an accurate and high quality finish.  

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Nest Based Production of Wood on an AXYZ CNC Router - Video

Nested Based Production

This video shows a typical nested based production on an AXYZ 4010 Series CNC Router. With good nesting and an efficient vacuum hold down, 24 small rocking chairs were cut…

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Cutting an Acrylic Inlay Video

Cutting An Acrylic Inlay

This shows the high accuracy and perfect finish that can be achieved on an AXYZ CNC Router, with the 2 parts fitting together with high precision.  

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