Routing a moose head on an AXYZ Series CNC Router - Video

Routing a Moose Head on an AXYZ Router

This video shows cutting a large Moose head wall plaque out of 9mm Ply.  

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Making the Sign for the New AXYZ Calgary Office - Video

Making the Sign for the New AXYZ Calgary Office

This Video shows the making of the AXYZ Calgary office sign cut on an AXYZ 4010 Series Router, with thanks to LED Signs Calgary.  

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High Capacity Pressure Foot - Dust extraction - Video

High Capacity Pressure Foot – Dust Extraction

The High Capacity Pressure Foot is a vital secondary option for your CNC Router. Excellent swarf extraction is a key feature, preventing time consumption and avoiding working hazards for your employees. An additional pressure…

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Unist Mister - Video

AXYZ Unist Mister

This video shows the AXYZ Unist Mister used For cutting non-ferrous metals including Aluminum, Brass and Copper.The AXYZ Unist Misters operate with more precision and reliability than any other dispensing…

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Pop-Up Pins - Video

Pop Up Pins from AXYZ

Pop up location pins are another innovative feature, available on all AXYZ Series cnc router tables. The hardened steel pins are pneumatically activated to allow fast, repeatable placement of your…

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Clear Acrylic Edge Lit Sign - Video

Clear Acrylic Edge Lit Sign

This video shows engraving and cutting an edge lit sign out of 10mm clear cast Acrylic. First we engrave at a depth of 0.8mm with a 60deg engraving bit with…

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AXYZ CNC Router cutting an Acrylic and MDF sign - Video

AXYZ Router cutting an Acrylic and MDF Sign

This video shows cutting 5mm Acrylic and V carving and Cutting 15mm MDF to make a complete sign.  

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Media Nation - AXYZ CNC Router

Media Nation Invest in Some Serious Machine Technology

  Media Nations Director of Operations Jason George is always looking for ways to move the business forward and decided it was time to invest in some serious machine technology…

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AXYZ CNC Router cutting aluminum - Video

AXYZ Router cutting Aluminum Sign

This video show an AXYZ Router using multiple tools to create an Aluminum sign.  

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Tangential Knife from AXYZ - Video

Tangential Knife From AXYZ

CNC Knife cutting systems from AXYZ are another innovative solution that AXYZ has developed to satisfy demand from industry. Built on the rugged platform of our CNC Router product line,…

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AXYZ CNC Router with Braille Insertion Tool - Video

AXYZ CNC Router Braille Option

This tool is designed specifically for producing braille signs. It drills precise location holes for the braille beads and then automatically inserts them. This is a massive timesaver for anyone…

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AXYZ CNC Router cutting aluminum inlay - Video

AXYZ Router cutting Aluminium Inlay

This video shows an AXYZ Router machining 15mm thick Aluminum. Processes shown include routing and engraving.  

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