Graphics and Print Finishing Applications on a Trident CNC Router-Knife Hybrid

Trident is an innovative CNC router-knife system combining heavy-duty routing with fast knife cutting for processing the broadest range of materials in many types of manufacturing industries.

Digital finishers are being asked to do more. From routing aluminum and acrylic to cutting and trimming paper, vinyl, foam board, coroplast, styrene and rubber. Today, advances in technology include high-speed processing that enables both heavy-duty and lightweight material cutting. Instead of using separate finishing tables, the process has evolved with the development of hybrid CNC routers that include larger routing spindles with tangential and oscillating knives.

The components of the hybrid can be described as a three-head configuration: the routing spindle, an oscillating knife and a tangential knife. The combination of these three components ensures processing capabilities are endless.

A routing spindle can come with a variety of power ratings up to 10Hp. Select the HSD quick-release spindle for cutting speeds up to 24,000 rpm. There is a wide variety of choices of router bits and it is important to select the bit that is most appropriate for the material that is to be processed.

The oscillating knife is suitable for soft and/or flexible materials such as corrugated plastic. It is apt to saw through material and does not fray. Unlike the oscillating knife, the tangential utilizes a fixed blade and is best used for materials that are heavier, thicker or harder. Both of these knives have a varied selection of blades that are fitted with different geometries designed to suit various materials.

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