The AXYZ EZ Ryder is a purpose built mounting plate that is designed to significantly reduce any glide vibration when using the nose rider. It does that by giving the operator the ability to reduce pressure foot loading by up to 100%, depending on the material and application. It is designed to fit most standard AXYZ CNC Routers.

The air dampening system eliminates vibration resulting in a smooth motion and consistent high quality cutting, and works just as well when cutting in all direction.

To further optimize the cutting process the AXYZ EZ Ryder is usually combined with the Blue Glide Donut, a unique, highly durable accessory which has been developed especially for processing aluminum composite material (ACM).

The Blue Glide Donut eliminates surface damage, ensuring faster cut speeds and longer donut life. Tests have shown that it reduces glide friction by up to 90% in comparison to a standard phenolic donut.