Increasing Productivity with an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)

The AXYZ Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) is the perfect solution for increasing the productivity of your CNC Router. Available with a capacity of seven, twenty-one or thirty three tool holders it is easy to setup and configure. A single function on the AXYZ SmartConsole tells the system to load the correct tool and then automatically calibrates it on the tool length senor, which is conveniently located directly on the carousel unit itself. Once this operation is complete, you are ready to go, no operator involvement is required, and the system automatically selects the correct tool and finishes the job as quickly as possible.

In operation, the Automatic Tool Changer, dramatically improves the throughput capacity when processing multiple tool operations. The tool change carousel unit is located on the end of the gantry in order to reduce travel time when a new tool is needed.

The Automatic Tool Changer is compatible with all quick-release, high power routing spindles. As one of our most popular configuration options the Automatic Tool Changer can is compatible with all AXYZ, Pacer, Trident, and PANELBuilder CNC machines.