Type 3

A product of Vision numeric. Type 3 has been available to the market since 1988 and has been dedicated to providing high-end Artistic CAD/CAM tools to Mold makers, Signmakers, Woodworkers, and more. Type 3 has divided it’s offering for the router industry into 4 primary components.

RouterType – RouterType is the unique Screen-to-CNC software packed with features for CNC router operators. RouterType delivers Multi-Sheet Nesting, Advanced Cutting Strategies (Lead In/Out., Chain Cutting, Common Line Cutting, Loops in Corners, Onion Skin, and more), Cabinet File Auto-Processing, Gang-Drill support, Onsrud Cutter tool database, Vector-to-CNC, Inlay, and more. Ideal for Plastic Routing, Woodworking, Sign making, and many more industrial applications, RouterType is the easiest and most complete machining interface for your CNC router.

RouterType PRO-2D – Complete 2D design and machining for Industrial and Artistic applications, RouterType PRO-2D is an all-in-one solution for Cutting, Routing and Engraving. With features including B&W / Color Raster-to-Vector, Dynamic Text module, Point Mode, Advanced Geometric shapes, Alignment and Duplication tools, RouterType PRO-2D enables the user to process any picture file or any vector file format (EPS, DXF, DWG, IGES, etc) into reliable and accurate machine code. User-friendly RouterType PRO-2D offers many machining strategies with easy Tool Editor, Video-Simulation, Time machining Estimate, Customized Tabs and Lead In/Out, and more features to help improve your productivity in no-time.

RouterType Pro-2.5D – Ideal for V-Carving operations, RouterType Pro-2.5D adds more machining capabilities. Intaglio strategy allows you to run large-angle tool in letters or logos in one single pass. Sequence allows you to engrave with several tools, each one not machining over the previous one. Prismatic letters is the easiest wizard where cutting depths would be calculated according to letter sizes and tool used. Ideal for Sign making and woodworking. Packed with 2D design tools, RouterType Pro-2.5D comes with Inlay Wizard, Engraving on a Surface, Offset, Chisel-FX, and more to speed up your job.

RouterType PRO-3D – To simplify the 3D-Relief modeling and machining process, RouterType PRO-3D is a unique parametric 3D-Relief modeler that builds a construction tree of all features and values used during the design process. No need to Undo/Redo, no more start-over if you need to modify your design. With professional design tools such as Sweeping, Faceting, Surface, 3D-Texturing, 3D-Clay Sculpting, Realistic Rendering, and Wrapping on 3D, you will be able to unleash your creativity and design with ease. 3D machining strategies allow you to rough out material and/or to mill with the final tool. RouterType PRO-3D is the best fit for Thermoforming, Decorative Woodworking, Signage, and more.