Two AXYZ Routers Boost Manufacturing Capacity at The Carvist Corporation

Carvist Corporation own an AXYZ CNC Router

The Carvist Corporation is a Glass and Glazing contractor and consulting firm specializing in composite aluminum panels and energy saving canopies and sunshades who have been benefiting from the use of 2 AXYZ CNC Routers in their manufacturing operation for the last four years.

Based in Placentia, CA the Carvist Corporation was established in 1981 and now, thanks to its team of highly experienced engineers, it enjoys an enviable reputation for excellent quality of service and an ability to supply a total package for almost any commercial project. According to Bill O’Connell, one of The Carvist Corporation’s owners, “we are at our most competitive when we’re able to utilize our specialist engineering capabilities along with our Computer Aided Design and manufacturing systems to supply a custom and cost effective solution to our customers”.

The first AXYZ machine at The Carvist Corporation was purchased in 2006 after they were awarded a very large and complex aluminum composite panel project which would have been difficult to complete using their existing , less automated methods. At that time they were well aware of the existence of CNC routers in this industry but were not sure which one to buy. They started by asking Alpolic, their supplier of aluminum composite panels (ACM), who recommended they look at the AXYZ machines. After further extensive research and demonstrations from three alternative suppliers, they decided to purchase an AXYZ 5018 router with a triple routing head and dedicated pneumatic drill attachment. The AXYZ 5018 Series machine has a 216” x 70” process area, perfect for full sized ACM sheets and the three cutting heads can be configured for grooving, drilling and profiling operations which eliminates time consuming tool changes and allows large jobs to be run with little or no operator intervention. The Carvist Corporation were so pleased with their first machine that they purchased a second, identical one just a year later. The main benefits they have brought says Bill, “are that we have increased our capacity by 6 times and that we are now able to handle much more complex designs than before. This means that we have been able to confidently sell many more jobs knowing that we have the production capacity and also the technical ability to handle large and challenging projects. We have definitely grown our business since installing these machines and I know they will be a key ingredient in our future expansion plans”.