The Sign Brothers Introduce A New Family Member

The Sign Brothers benefit from an AXYZ CNC Router

The Sign Brothers based in Athens, Georgia is run, not unsurprisingly by two brothers! Justin and Michael. They felt their complementary skills were well suited to the sign industry and so decided to set up in business together back in 2007, offering both wholesale and retail production and installation of signs and graphics.

Having secured a large ADA (American Disabilities Act) signage contract, they decided to invest in an AXYZ Camtech Z7 CNC router which they calculated would save them $18,000 by manufacturing the signs in-house rather than outsourcing production for the project. A mentor in the sign business had told them that purchasing a CNC router was the best business decision he had made, because he was no longer trapped in the world of rectangular signs and so the decision was an easy one. The router now allows them to add creativity to their designs, which previously could only be accomplished if they outsourced the work.

The AXYZ CAMTECH Z7 router is a full-sized entry-level system that shares many of the advanced production tools and machining capabilities of the AXYZ higher-end, higher productivity but consequently more expensive routing solutions. Significantly, it has the same robust construction based on a welded steel frame plus a cost-sensitive set of machining configurations that will effectively handle a wide range of materials, including solid woods, particle and foamed boards, non-ferrous metals, plastics and their derivatives, used for both 2D and 3D designs. It also includes as a standard feature the latest A2MC Control System. This represents a huge advancement in machine control technology by offering the highest attainable control capabilities by comparison with any similarly positioned system on the market. The A2MC delivers much faster and smoother motion based on S-Curve (Seven Segment Velocity) trajectories, resulting in a significant reduction in ‘bounce’ and vibration caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration often experienced with other machine control systems.

Owner Justin Seibert commented: “We considered both AXYZ and Multicam, when deciding on the router to purchase. We felt like AXYZ offered the best combination of price and quality between the two companies. The router we purchased was on display at the 2012 ISA show in Orlando and we found the price was very competitive.”

To the Sign Brothers the Camtech Z7 has proved to be worth its weight in gold and is used to route HDU, wood, polymetal, aluminum, acrylic and PVC and is used to create all manner of dimensional signs, flat cut letters, sign panels and more.

Justin says: “Previously, our installers were responsible for cutting down all substrates with a table saw, skill saw, or a jig saw. Now, the smallest guy in my shop is responsible for cutting all the sign panels down. We have trained our graphic artist to run our router, so he creates the production files and cuts down the sign panels for multiple jobs all at once. He nests jobs together so we are more efficient with material usage and we are able to cut these panels down much faster.”

Justin was given expert advice from one of the many AXYZ sales advisors who he acknowledges has been a valuable resource for him to turn to for any troubleshooting questions, as well as being very thorough in the setup and training process.

He concludes by saying: “Purchasing the CNC router has put us into a different category of sign companies. We are now so much more than a “print shop” because of this machine. I love being able to show my customers our router when I take them on a tour of our shop. Having the ability to rout in house has given us opportunities to handle larger projects because our customers realize that we aren’t just playing middle man anymore.”

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