Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Ares Orthotics purchase an AXYZ CNC Router

Ares Orthotics, based in Calgary, provides superior custom foot orthotics.  They’ve helped thousands of clients, and now they can help even more!

Ares Orthotics primarily targets medical professionals, and by utilizing the latest technology they help optimize performance in the sports industry, where the specific design of footwear can play a vital role.

The President, Blaine Dombowsky, told us what he needed:

“We needed to upgrade equipment to implement new processes which would improve quality, reduce costs, and increase capacity, while at the same time significantly reducing turnaround time.”

The Solution:

  • An AXYZ 4000 Series CNC router equipped with a dual gantry option
  • An extensive 5-foot by 12-foot processing area
  • One gantry fitted with both a spindle and a knife, and the other with a single spindle
  • Two independently driven, 7-station, automatic tool changers (ATCs)

Benefits of the Custom Configuration:

  • The dual gantry offers a space and cost efficient alternative to purchasing two router tables
  • Independent gantry control allows processing on both ends of a table at the same time
  • Alternate processing maximizes productivity by allowing material to be loaded and unloaded without stopping the machine
  • The dual ATCs provide an effective solution for jobs requiring numerous routing tools

We asked Mr. Dombowsky why he chose AXYZ:

“It’s the people. I have worked with AXYZ for a number of years and they have always given me the right advice.”

“I am pleased to say that we now have 30% less waste, accuracy and quality have improved, and we are be able to go from a 48-hour turnaround to a 24-hour turnaround.”

“The investment shows its worth. Our product quality, turnaround, and customer service are now industry leading and we can do what no other orthotic manufacturing lab can. AXYZ is a great company to work with and they bend over backwards to try to help out.”

In Summary:

AXYZ provides exceptional customer care, a strength the company has developed over time. Ares Orthotics is one of many leading companies that has had the pleasure of working with AXYZ and it has built a lasting relationship – which is why AXYZ is the company to turn to when in need of quality machinery and trustworthy service.

By implementing this leading-edge processing equipment, Ares Orthotics now provides clients with a superior service specifically designed for their needs. Learn more about Ares Orthotics by visiting their website.