Park Place Sign Systems Order 2nd Router as Business Booms

Park Place Sign Systems buy second AXYZ CNC Router

Park Place Sign Systems founded in 1980, specialize in supplying high quality ADA compliant architectural signage. Their products can be found in healthcare facilities, educational establishments, as well as banks and many other office buildings across the country.

Bill Baker, President of Park Place who are based in Hannibal, Missouri was looking to buy a CNC router to help with production and after carefully comparing the specifications and prices of many comparable CNC units, approached AXYZ. Bill says: “While many features of the machines were similar, AXYZ always sold the features and benefits of their machine rather than discrediting competitor’s units.”

In December 2011 he decided to purchase an AXYZ 4008 Series router complete with vacuum hold down and a print to cut registration camera system. AXYZ were able to modify the table and pump for them to allow the use of 208V, single phase power.

The 4000 Series CNC router is one of the most popular sizes AXYZ manufacture. Like all AXYZ Series machines, the 4000 Series is capable of handling the widest range of tooling and application options in the industry. Well suited for a wide range of industry applications, the 4000 Series presents the opportunity to easily process materials in excess of 4’ wide, and virtually any length that may be required. The Standard 6” gantry clearance and 10” ball screw Z stroke allows for thicker substrates to easily be loaded and unloaded from the working area.

Stevenson Manor SignsBill commented: “The price was very competitive and AXYZ worked with us to make sure our unit performed the way we expected. The purchase of our table provides more consistency in the finished sizes of our sign products when compared to hand finishing by our fabrication personnel. We also realized an increase in capacity and a reduction of labor costs by utilizing the AXYZ AVS registration camera. We eliminated hand routing of our signs and improved our finished edges allowing us to move the sign components directly from the CNC table into our paint department with a minimal amount of clean up.”

Bill goes on to say: “We use the router to cut a lot of HDPE (high density polyethylene) which is a three ply material. The surface color is routed through exposing the inner, contrasting color. This is a very durable, attractive and graffiti proof material that is used in many park applications and the material routs very well on our AXYZ machine. The use of the AXYZ machine has improved the consistency and quality of our sign products as well as helping reduce our rework rate by approximately 15% and along with other company improvements has enabled us to increase our customer base by about 25%.”

Due to the success of the 4008, Park Place Sign Systems have now ordered a second machine, an AXYZ Z7 with the same basic electrical system as the first machine. The Z Series are AXYZ entry level machines engineered to the usual high standards but with a budget conscious set of configurations.

Bill finishes by saying: “The AXYZ machine is a vital part of our company’s constant improvement program. The implementation of the AXYZ machine has decreased production time and improved product quality. So we decided to order a second machine to help handle the continuing increase in our business.”

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