Media Nation Invest in Some Serious Machine Technology

Media Nation own an AXYZ CNC Router

Media Nation Enterprises describe themselves as a VISUAL SOLUTIONS company, providing cutting edge creative sign and advertising displays from their headquarters located in Irvine, California. They manufacture and install all kinds of innovative retail solutions ranging from temporary promotional product displays to ambitious permanent retail display systems, which all help give their vast and diverse clientele maximum exposure when it’s needed most.

Media Nations Director of Operations Jason George is always looking for ways to move the business forward and decided it was time to invest in some serious machine technology and look at purchasing a large scale CNC router, which would help improve efficiency. He approached AXYZ, who have built a worldwide reputation designing and building a range of CNC routers that suit a particular customers individual needs and after seeing what the AXYZ machines are capable of, he took delivery of a 4010 Series router back in February 2012. This particular machine was purchased with a dual Z configuration which includes a high frequency spindle and a tangential knife for cutting out a variety of substrates coupled with the popular AXYZ Vision System, a high performance camera for digital print finishing.

The AXYZ 4010 router is part of the AXYZ 4000 Series renowned for its robust construction, high performance-to-cost capability and utmost reliability under continuous operation. The machine has an effctive processing area of 120” (length) x 60” (width) and can run continuously to allow either high volume production or one-off prototypes with the same degree of quality and reliability. It can also be configured to accommodate a host of additional production tools (including an Automatic Tool Change facility) and has the capacity for multiple cutting heads to further accelerate production speeds. As well as the commercial sign industry, they are also popular with woodworking, marine, POP and education industries due to its fit with many common materials and overall footprint.

Jason is quick to comment: We chose the AXYZ machine because it is very well priced and all of the functionality with the different tools that can be run on it.

Another important factor for Jason when choosing the AXYZ router was the issue of local support. He said: The AXYZ California Service Department has made service requests faster, to have our business back up and running quickly. AXYZ is very responsive to any issues that come up. With the service department in the same area, they really make it a breeze.

He concludes by saying: Purchasing the router has drastically increased profits since its installation. Media Nation has been able to grow exponentially.

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