Increasing Competitive Edge

Windwalker Signs

Windwalker Sign Studio, based in Ontario, initially began production as a Vinyl sign shop before a major turning point back in 2003.

The purchase of an AXYZ CNC Router enabled the one-artist shop to progress into 3D signage, establishing a distinct competitive advantage. Being able to cut materials such as MDF, Extira, PVC and HDU Foams, as well as Acrylic and Aluminum Composite, helped Windwalker Sign Studio give new meaning to the word versatility.

The Owner, Sandy Baird, told us what he needed:

“I was constantly seeing the world in 3D, but I could never do anything about it. Following a lot of undercutting in prices within the trade, I needed something to set myself apart from the competition.”

The Solution:

  • An AXYZ 4000 Series CNC router equipped with a 10HP Elte Spindle
  • An extensive 5-foot by 8-foot processing area


  • Dramatically faster cutting, freeing up time for other operations
  • Accurate cutting, unachievable with basic hand and power tools
  • Eradication of human error, resulting in far less waste material

We asked Sandy why he chose AXYZ:

“It came down to reputation, and the fact that they were being built in Burlington, the location was absolutely perfect.”

“I wanted to spend my money locally, to support an Ontario business and to be close by.”

What does Sandy think about his CNC Router:

“This AXYZ is a true work horse and has never let me down. Built like a tank and is bullet proof. It always shows up on time, never complains, and always gives me a full 60 minutes for every hour it works.”

In Summary

AXYZ provides customers with truly exceptional products that last a lifetime. Windwalker Signs is one of many leading companies using an AXYZ CNC Router. With an ever growing number of happy and successful companies, AXYZ is the company to turn to when quality machinery and trustworthy service are needed.

By implementing this leading-edge processing equipment, Windwalker Signs have been able to expand its repertoire of services and deliver one-off, customized signage for a variety of customers.