Fifth AXYZ Router for Pratik Corporation

Pratik Corporation Using an AXYZ CNC Router

Pratik Corporation have just ordered their fifth AXYZ CNC Router to help cope with the expansion of their Bakelite machining services to customers in North America and the UK as well as throughout India.

Located in Mumbai, India, Pratik Corporation was founded in 1981 and have quickly become a leader in machining services, specialising in the manufacture of technical components to the electrical switchgear industry throughout the world with a customer portfolio including Larson &Tubro, Group Companies of Crompton Greaves and Siemens Ltd. They have an exceptional growth record, being highly regarded for their efficiency and quality with around 40% of their revenue coming from exports to Europe and the Middle East. These quality standards have allowed them to become ISO 9001 certified as well as receiving a prestigious award of excellence.

President of Pratik Corporation, DipakSaraiya commented: “We employ a team of around 35 people who are highly skilled in the machining of high pressure laminate (HPL) components e.g. Bakelite, FGM-10, polycarbonate, PVC, Nylon and Teflon, etc. Initially we were producing all our work using manual cutting equipment and as our products are by their nature quite labour intensive, we decided to invest in a CNC router to increase productivity and achieve a better quality product.”

Dipak looked at both the Chinese and Canadian machines available on the market but found the Canadian routers manufactured by AXYZ far superior with a proven track record for reliability and quality. AXYZ offer the most versatile range of CNC routers in the industry due to a range of 5 base sizes and a choice of process lengths to suit every requirement. When it comes to plastics and composites engineering the AXYZ range of CNC routers offer the best cut edge finish for this class of machine due to the advanced controller which represents a tremendous leap forward in controller technology, delivering much smoother and faster motion. Dipak purchased his first AXYZ router in 2005 and has invested in a further machine every 2 years. They have just ordered their 5th machine.

Technical support has also been a key factor in Dipak’s investment decisions. AXYZ have an established base in India with a number of factory trained technicians who are available for local service, training and repair whenever it is required. AXYZ machines are among the most reliable CNC Routers available but when problems do occur it is vital to get them running again as soon as possible. Local availability of spare parts and consumables from the AXYZ base in Bangalore is also a massive time saver.

All of Pratik Corporations routers are AXYZ 4008 Series machines which are renowned in the industry for being an excellent workhorse and certainly ticked all the boxes for Dipak. As well as being excellent machines for plastic fabricators these routers are extremely popular with woodworkers, sign makers and metal fabricators alike, due to their superb range of machine options. These options include auto tool changers as well as a range of multiple head configurations and have been specially engineered to achieve that premium quality look. The 4008 can easily handle high volume production, repeatability in part production and an edge quality far superior to anything you’ve seen before.

Dipak goes on to say: “These routers run 10 hours per day, 6 days per week. I am seeing some very significant productivity improvements. For example, one operator can now produce around 30 of one of our more complex components in a single shift using one AXYZ router, whereas before it used to take 8 people to do the same. Automation has also helped to improve the quality and consistency of our products. Streamlining the business in this way means it’s now running much more efficiently whilst making significant savings for the company and winning new business all the time.”

He concludes: “After purchasing each AXYZ router, productivity increased dramatically and with virtually no training required and excellent after sales support we have not looked back.”

Pratik Corporation are now looking to expand their business into the US and UK markets, offering quality fabricated components at a very competitive price.

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