Camtech Z7 Turns Dream into Reality for Quint Creative Signs


Quint Creative Signs based in Piqua, Ohio are quite unique when it comes to signmaking. As a custom signmaker they like to educate their clients by teaching them about proper sign design and what it can do for their business. Rather than your typical flat sign, they prefer to specialize in three dimensional signage and will always try to create something better than expected, achieving maximum visibility for their client.

Brian Quinter, President of Quint Creative Signs, established the business over a decade ago and had outsourced all their CNC cut lettering or cut them freehand with jig saws, circular saws and panel saws. His dream had always been to have an in-house CNC router and having discovered their shop was eligible for a USDA-funded Rapid Outreach Revolving Loan, that dream was about to become a reality.

After researching a few brands and having remembered seeing an AXYZ router being demonstrated at an NBM show in Indianapolis, Brian arranged to meet with one of AXYZs sales specialists. He showed Brian various options available and decided the perfect machine for his companies production level would be their Camtech Z7 router.

The Camtech Z7 is AXYZ’s entry level CNC router with a budget conscious set of configurations. It is a multi-purpose routing machine, designed for cutting all types of plastics, woods, foams and non-ferrous metals in both 2D and 3D. The Z7 is available with a standard process area, designed for efficient use of material sizes and is designed for a high performance to price ratio. With features that are found on much higher priced machines including welded steel frame, profile linear bearing rails and a multi-purpose aluminum vacuum and clamping bed, the Z7 is hard to beat.

Brian commented: “The machine is used for making in-house 3D lettering. I hardly ever make a rectangular sign anymore. We use it to cut to shape all our sign blanks, custom shapes or rectangles with rounded corners. This was something I never thought about using it for when I was thinking CNC. Using it for a sign blank cutter is one the best things about having it. I spend less time in cutting out sign blanks with the ability of having any shape. It’s less effort to cut panels to shape. I simply throw them on the router, cut them, then use them.”

Since installing the router Quint Creative Signs have become a national award winner, having made a sign on the Camtech that won 1st place in the United States Sign Councils Sign Design Competition for a free standing sign.

He says: “We have become well respected in the industry and was even asked by Vectric to present some projects at its annual users meeting for 2012.”

Brian finishes by saying: “Having a router in-house means my imagination can go as wild as I want, because anything I can dream up I can figure a way to run it on the CNC to make it.  Before I could only go as wild as my vendors could go.”

“Having a CNC sets my sign shop far apart from other signs shops in my market.”

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