AXYZ Set the Scene with Another Fine Performance

Hamilton Scenic Speciality purchase an AXYZ CNC Router

Hamilton Scenic Speciality located in Dundas, Ontario was founded in 2000 and have fast become leading specialists in custom fabrication for the theatre and entertainment industry. They employ a highly skilled and creative team committed to bringing projects to life in every detail. The majority of this work is about creating theatrical stage scenery, however they are becoming heavily involved in public art installations and museum theming throughout North America.

With stage sets becoming increasingly complex and in order to stay ahead of their game, the decision was made in 2010 to approach AXYZ, a close neighbour of theirs where they purchased a 4010 CNC router complete with auto tool changer. The 4010 is an excellent workhorse and certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to putting in a performance of its own. These routers are extremely popular with woodworkers, sign makers and metal fabricators alike, due to their superb range of machine options. As well as the auto tool changer they offer a range of mutiple head configurations and have been specially engineered to achieve that premium quality look. The 4010 can easily handle high volume production, repeatability in part production and an edge quality far superior to anything you’ve seen before

President of Hamilton Scenic Speciality, Mike Kukucska commented: “We wanted a good solid machine with excellent service. Our industry requires extremely fast delivery and good servicing is a must if required. AXYZ has extremely competitive pricing and they happen to be 20 minutes from our shop.”

The extremely popular 4010 is now being used for everything they can possible cut on it, from plywood templates, furniture pieces, signage, stage sets and welding jigs.

Mike says: “The machine has brought us work that we never would have had access to. Our new client base is growing… we have had about 15 new customers because of it. It allows my crew to focus on quality and finishing touches as the machine works on tackling the quantity.
We are shaving up to 50% off the fabrication time!”

He concludes by saying: “The only regret I have with the machine is not buying it sooner… much sooner! It is opening up possibilities for us on a weekly basis.”

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