It’s always good news when your company evolves as quickly as your capacity to support growth and new ideas. Some people attribute this to luck or having the right kind of business acumen. For others, it’s about effective time management and focusing on the things that matter most. All are key ingredients in formulating an effective business strategy. But what about selecting the right tools or machines? In today’s competitive marketplace, investing in capital equipment can facilitate business growth with extraordinary results. This is the experience of Mpressions, the “Visual Storytellers” from Southern California. Established as Dean Hesketh Photography in 1955, the company transformed itself many times in the past 64 years. From a photo lab in the 70’s, to a digital imaging company in the 90’s and now, a proven sign and graphics innovator since the early 2000’s.  Their specialties include all areas of interior signage, including wallcoverings, custom acrylic graphics, and dye-sublimation prints. Since buying an AXYZ CNC Router in 2017, Mpressions started making their products in-house, expanding their product line to meet their clients’ needs.

AXYZ Router Takes Control

When it was time to invest in a CNC router, Mpressions turned to AXYZ.  With a California showroom just up the road, they knew AXYZ had competitive prices and a range of routers to choose from. Decision made, they focused on using the router where it was needed the most.

“We bought the AXYZ router to take control of production that was being outsourced,” says Matt Hesketh, Vice-President. “Custom acrylic pieces with beveled edges and holes for standoffs were our first justification for the machine.”

If you’re not part of the Sign and Graphics industry, you may not know what a standoff is and why you need them. Basically, a standoff is a component (like a cap or ball screw) that helps secure a sign to a wall. If you’re in the business of making standoffs, you know that precision and repeatability on cutting beveled and polished acrylic pieces is very important. Not only does it increase productivity, it also speeds installation in the field as each piece is precisely cut and holes are consistently placed. The precision and repeatability they were looking for came easy with the AXYZ router.



Mpressions also makes dimensional lettering using PVC, Acrylic, and solid Aluminium, leading to the production of ADA signage. Designed specifically for people with disabilities, ADA signs must display information according to state and federal regulations. If you’re using a router, it’s a lot easier to meet these regulations, as Mpressions discovered.  It also got their creative juices flowing, helping them incorporate well thought out designs with functionality to create beautiful ADA signs. A wonderful example of how CNC technology and its various applications helps the company tap into different markets and increase their customer base.

“We are thrilled with our AXYZ router. It is a real versatile workhorse!” says Hesketh. “Strong enough to cut solid metals one inch thick and delicate enough to handle the precision of cutting tactile lettering and braille dots.”

Whenever a company implements business automation, the impact on its overall growth is huge, especially in the area of productivity. This is what happened to Mpressions. With the purchase of their AXYZ router, production capacity increased and outsourcing costs went down. Other benefits include the reduction of turnaround times and the addition to their bottom line. It’s results like these that create the success story that makes other businesses stand up and take notice.



Mpressions purchased the AXYZ Series 4010 with twin cutting heads and optional Automatic Tool Changer (ATC). The two heads work either together for double the production or separately for fast switching between different tools. The innovative ATC automatically selects the correct tool according to how its been programmed in the software.  This saves valuable time by cutting out the manual effort normally used for this function, allowing the job to be finished as quickly as possible.


The Infinite Series is a new machine that builds on the AXYZ Series to make it even better. It’s suitable for one-off, small batch production as well as high volume and high productivity applications. It’s the most configurable CNC router in the industry, with process areas to suit all sheets and budgets – the perfect solution for signmakers across the globe. If you’d like to know more about this versatile machine, contact a member of the  AXYZ Sales Team today.