AXYZ Router boosts productivity at Progressive Interiors

Specialist manufacturer of retail decor, signage and displays for the retail sector, Progressive Interiors has dramatically increased manufacturing capacity, reduced costs and shortened lead times since installing their AXYZ 5010 CNC router supplied by AXYZ. According to the company’s owner, Brian Wilburn: ‘We have been able to bring a lot of the processes in house that we previously had to outsource. This has allowed us to have better overall control of projects and has increased our profit margins. At the same time, our turnaround time has decreased significantly which has led to us taking on more projects. Installation of the machine has made a huge difference to what we can offer our customers and this has led to a corresponding increase in growth and profitability. We specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of complete retail decor packages including signs, displays, large format digital printing, custom CNC routing and metal fabrication all of which require the highest standards of machining and we therefore need access to the latest and most technically advanced manufacturing processes.’

Established in 1987 by Tom Heimkreiter, Progressive Interiors has remained a family owned and operated business operating out of Cincinnati, OH where their experienced graphic designers, project managers and custom fabricators have built a well deserved reputation for quality products and services delivered on time and within budget. A key element of the fabrication capabilities has been the AXYZ router that is used for making custom displays, woodworking, acrylic signage and die-cutting of printed images. It has allowed them to become more versatile and self sufficient and to be able to offer a wider range of products and services.

The router installed at Progressive Interiors is part of the AXYZ 5000 series that is renowned for its robust construction and the speed and accuracy with which it handles large sheets of material under continuous operation. It has a processing area of 72” x 122” and can be configured to include a host of additional machining options such as the automatic tool change (ATC) facility and ICS camera registration system. The routers will also handle other mainstream sign making materials like brass, aluminium composite material (ACM), MDF and natural woods.

According to Brian Wilburn: ‘the decision to purchase an AXYZ router was based on their proximity to our location and our confidence in their technical knowledge and ongoing support. The AXYZ machine has been very user friendly. When we’ve had issues with our production techniques, the AXYZ team has been readily available to help out and suggest best-practices on the router. We have been very happy with the responsiveness and level of support from AXYZ.’