AXYZ CNC Router helps Masterwork Customs Inc to win new customers

Masterwork Customs use an AXYZ CNC Router

A new AXYZ 4010 Series Router is helping Masterwork Custom Inc to increase their productivity and win more business. Located in Northeast Atlanta, this innovative and expanding company specialize in the fabrication and installation of quality fabricated LED Channel Letters and CNC Routing services of all kinds. They operate in the wholesale sign fabrication industry and sell strictly to other sign companies.

President of Masterwork Custom Inc, Zack Benham said “we reached the stage where we needed to increase our productivity, reduce lead times and also make much more efficient use of our materials. A CNC Router was the way to go and we looked at a number of alternative machines”. A decision was eventually made to purchase an AXYZ 4010 from their local AXYZ office in Atlanta, the main reasons for this decision according to Zack were the “excellent demonstration, confidence in the AXYZ sales and support representatives, their close proximity to our location and, of course, because it is a high quality, easy to use yet powerful and versatile CNC routing table.”

To achieve the desired productivity gains they decided to add the fully automatic toolchange system, vacuum hold down and lubrication misting system to the machine. This is an ideal specification and is proving to be an incredibly versatile solution capable of machining all types of woods, plastics and non ferrous metals. The automatic toolchanger means that it can run complex jobs without operator intervention allowing a greater degree of multitasking and further reducing lead times.

The ‘partnership’ between supplier and customer has been a key factor in ensuring that the machine installation has achieved all of its objectives. Zack comments, “the personnel at AXYZ have provided our business with unrivalled customer support. Their confidence in what they are doing gives us the backup we need to excel in our industry. Having an AXYZ CNC machine gives our company the competitive edge we need over our competition and the reliability of the machine is second to none”.

The well known AXYZ brand is also helping Masterwork Customs to win new business, as Zack points out, “whenever we mention to our customers that we happen to have an AXYZ router, they seem to get really interested in our offerings. The AXYZ name alone inspires our customers with confidence in our capabilities”.

The machine is now constantly busy cutting a vast range or materials for a growing customer base. As it is now such an integral part of the business, reliability is an important factor as even a short breakdown can have serious knock-on effects for the customer and their customers. About the support they receive from AXYZ, Zack said “On one occasion we had a customer service need that arose during the holidays, not only did they answer the phone, their sales representative offered to take time out on his day off to come and get us back on track. In my opinion this is unheard of in any industry – talk about going above and beyond”.

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