Axyz Becomes a Driving Force for Legendary Auto Interiors

Legendary Auto Interiors purchase AXYZ CNC Router

For almost 30 years Legendary Auto Interiors has maintained an industry-wide reputation as the leading manufacturer of high quality and original interior soft trim products for the custom auto enthusiast. They specialize in producing seat upholstery, door panels, tops, headliners, etc for worldwide distribution to the special interest car and truck industry with primary markets in North America.

Martin J Beckenbach, President of Legendary Auto Interiors based in Newark, New York decided the time was right to invest in a CNC router. This would give them more flexibility to produce one up original and custom products quickly as well as improve accuracy, consistency and overall quality of parts. So they approached AXYZ for their professional advice on what would best suit their needs and decided to purchase an AXYZ 5012 router with an extra wide gantry, accommodating a high speed spindle as well as both an oscillating and tangential knife.

The AXYZ 5000 Series CNC Router is designed to accommodate a wide range of materials and applications. The 5000 Series machine bed width allows the machine to process materials up to 70” wide, and with standard lengths starting at 120”, you can easily process an oversized 5’ x 10’ sheet of wood, plastic, aluminum or other non-ferrous material, making it one of the most popular routers in the AXYZ range. Configurability is the key with the AXYZ 5000 Series machine. The solidly constructed base, deck and gantry components easily allow multiple spindles, tool changers, multiple carriages and various other tooling options.

The 5000 Series is driven by the high powered motion capability of the AXYZ A2MC control system. The A2MC delivers Seven Segment motion control and full NC tooling control to users, making the A2MC controller one of the most powerful control systems available today.

Martin commented: “We decided to purchase an AXYZ machine because of the commitment to excellence the company lives by. The companies reputation and machine features are excellent and the price of the equipment is reasonable and is reflected in these qualities.”

He says: “The machine is being used to cut primary and sub assembly parts that are used further in our production lines and the final assembly of other products. Overall production efficiencies have improved, however the most significant improvement is our quality of parts and the flexibility this equipment has provided us.”

Martin concludes by saying: “AXYZ support and service has been outstanding. Their ability to provide quick response support and problem solving to running a multitude of different parts has made AXYZ a valuable team partner to Legendary.”

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