Download the latest interactive guide to CNC routing

The new AXYZ International iBook provides everything you need to know about AXYZ International and our extensive range of CNC Router Systems, all in a handy interactive format for Apple iOS devices. Discover how machines can be uniquely tailored, improve productivity and expand your business. Take a journey through the brands and explore all the amazing things our CNC Router Systems can do. Use the extensive video gallery to immerse yourself in the products and the endless choice of options.

Download the latest product brochures

Learn about the extensive range of AXYZ CNC routers. There are brochures on each of our six major brands: AXYZ, Pacer, Z, Trident, Optimus and PANELBuilder. Each brochure provides detailed overviews of process areas, system strengths, machine features and equipment options. With comprehensive information at your fingertips, you'll know exactly what you need, the available options and how AXYZ International delivers fast, flexible and direct CNC router solutions.

Discover the AXYZ product best suited to your CNC router projects

AXYZ International creates innovative, industrial CNC routers that deliver high productivity at an affordable price. Options range from the smaller footprint CNC routers like the Z Series, to the powerful, heavy-duty Pacer Series. Other options include the general-purpose AXYZ Series designed for multiple functions and the Trident Series which is designed specifically for the digital finishing industry. Focusing on innovation, customisation  and exceptional service, AXYZ has a CNC router to suit any project.