A2MC Machine Upgrades

Between 1994 and 2009, AXYZ built and installed over 3000 machines in North America! Every one of these machines was built with a version of the AXYZ AMC controller. The AMC was one of the most robust CNC router controller systems in the industry. Most of the machines built during this time are still operating today.

In 2009, AXYZ introduced the next generation A2MC controller. A2MC is an expandable, leading edge controller that has been installed on every CNC machine since. With more than 3000 A2MCs in the field today, it is proving to be as robust as its predecessor.

Unfortunately for our AMC customers, the availability of parts for these legacy systems is dwindling rapidly. While the AMC has proved to be a reliable component, the time to replace the control system is now. AXYZ can upgrade the majority of CNC machines to the latest A2MC controller which will bring you all the benefits of improved performance and advanced features.

How does the A2MC differ?

Smoother, faster motion

  • Real-time motion control achieved by a 2.0 GHz main processor with a dedicated FPGA processor.

Fully NC code compatible

  • Reads NC code directly and converts it to precise machine motion, following true arcs as created in the output.
  • Compatible with virtually any CAM package including Vcarve, Enroute, Mastercam, PANELbuilder and many more.

Instant file transfer over your existing network

  • No limits on file size and easy transfer using the File manager application.

User Interface Software

Using the AXYZ APP manager software, you have access to all the key features of the A2MC controller. Today there are six apps designed to help you increase productivity and efficiency. Features included are:

  • Daily reports of job completion including run-time logs.
  • Complete tool database.
  • Updates completed via the internet to enable new features and software patches.
  • Automatic activity log database recording.
  • Remote diagnostics and remote-log in technical support.


For users transitioning from AMC to the A2MC controller, training courses are conducted by a technical support specialist during your upgrade. On average, users are fully trained with half a day.

Additional training sessions for software programs such as Vectric or PANELBuilder can be completed over the web with our CNC router coach specialist.


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