A2MC Enterprise

Intuitive and easy to use CNC router interface

A2MC Enterprise is an intuitive windows based interface, with an entirely new, modular framework that allows users to easily connect with multiple CNC machines.

Driven by one management system, the App Manager offers a singular platform for multiple, comprehensive and user friendly applications.

Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager offers an intuitive front end for viewing your machines configuration parameters and motion profi le.

File Manager

The File Manager App is the fastest and easiest way to transfer jobs to and from the machine controller. It also allows program editing and simulation.

Origins Manager

The Origins Manager is a powerful App that lets you create, view and edit your machine origins.

Tools Manager

The Tools Manager is used to manage device configurations and to define the cutting tools which can be used by these devices.

Vision System (AVS) Manager

The AVS App is used to configure camera settings and manage and run your programs that require visual registration for accurate cut alignment.

Zone Manager

The Zone Manager lets you manage and control your zones, vacuum settings, dust settings and pop-up pins.