Z Series: High Quality Machines on a Budget Price

Shopping for a router can be a time-consuming endeavour, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all the different applications they can perform.  Unless you take the time to do the proper research, you may end up buying something that has more features than you actually need.  For simplicity of use, consider the AXYZ Z Series. You’ll […]

PANELBUILDER Series – The World’s Leading Panel Fabrication System

In the world of CNC machining, the opportunities to create products for commercial or residential use are endless. From custom finishes on tricky to use vinyl applications to 3D multi-purpose graphic displays, a router gives you both the quality and quick turnaround that is hard to replicate by even the most skilled craftsman. For panel […]

Pacer Series – The Most Robust Router in the Industry

Looking to expand your business into precision engraving or high-end finishes in plastic or metal fabrication? Or perhaps you’re ready to upgrade your entry level CNC router for one that offers a higher performance and higher productivity solution, but at a realistic price? Whatever your preference, the AXYZ Pacer is a serious contender.  Built on […]

Trident Router – The Most Versatile Knife Hybrid Router in the Industry

Anyone who has a basic understanding of business automation will know that a CNC Router is a smart investment if you’re serious about increasing productivity and your profit margin. If you’re in the sign, graphics or packaging industry, the benefits from using the AXYZ Trident Router are multiplied.  Single focus companies can now enter multiple […]