CNC Machine Hybrid: Triple-Head. Twin-Knife. Routing Spindle

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Trident Series: An innovative, CNC machine hybrid delivering lightning fast cutting and overwhelming power to take on broader digital graphics projects.

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Why and Who?

Digital finishers are being asked to do more. Faster. Wider. Longer. Deeper. From routing aluminum and acrylic to cutting/trimming paper, vinyl, foam board, coroplast, styrene and rubber. As a result, we challenged our engineering team to develop a CNC Router that meets the traditional demands of the digital finishing industry, while delivering overwhelming power to take on broader projects. As such, we bring you ‘Trident’.

Developed exclusively for the digital print finishing industry to offer high speed knife processing cutting up to 1970ipm where allowable and with appropriate guarding.

Trident Series CNC Router

Three head configuration - Routing Spindle, Oscillating Knife, Tangential Knife

Up to 50% throughput increase compared to AXYZ Series machine

A narrower carriage contributes to a 12% smaller footprint

Longer stroke knife unit to allow blades up to 4.75” long for thicker materials

The Trident Series

Standard Configuration

Built on the AXYZ platform the Trident Series is the most versatile router-knife combination in the market, set to revolutionize the graphics industry. Adopting the most configurable machine base in the industry, the Trident Series provides maximum flexibility when it comes to standard process areas, ranging from 60” x 48” to 85” x 120”, with the option of virtually any length required.

With the new twin knife head, the oscillating and tangential knife arrangement works in perfect harmony, while the spindle adds much needed versatility and power to create a robust multi-purpose CNC machine. The unique knife configuration delivers two key qualities. Processing thin flexible materials is often a challenging process for a traditional router, however the Trident series slices through this material with ease, delivering clean cut edges. A second robust knife unit tackles heavier, thicker and harder materials. Easily interchangeable blade attachments allow virtually all material to be processed with full directional control. 

Production ready and custom configured for your exacting needs the Trident Series is driven by new high performance servo motors for lightning-fast performance. The 6” gantry clearance and stroke has been deliberately constructed to allow knife blades up to 4.75” long for processing thicker materials such as foam board. 

"Live Vacuum Deck"  technology comes as standard to provide automatic zone management. A unique and highly configurable option automatically activates and deactivates zones according to the live position of the cutting head. This ensures optimal holding power, dramatically improved cut quality, while simultaneously improving reliability and accuracy.

Standard Processing Areas  
Trident 4000 Series 60" Width. Lengths from 48" to 50ft
Trident 5000 Series 72" Width. Lengths from 120" to 50ft
Trident 6000 Series 85" Width. Lengths from 120" to 50ft
Optional Additional Length 24" Increments up to 552"
Standard Gantry Clearance / Z stroke 6" (150mm)
Drive System X, Y – Rack and Pinion
  Servomotors on all axes
Standard Positioning Speed 1000ipm (Optional 2000ipm)
Control System 7 Segment motion profile
  FPGA processor for high speed complex calculations
  Dedicated true NC control – G and M codes
  Network connection
  4 Gb onboard memory
  AXYZ SmartConsole
Power requirements 208-230 V 3 Phase / 440-460 V 3 Phase

Being built on the AXYZ platform means that most, if not all of the standard AXYZ options are available with the Trident Series. The most popular optional enhancements to maximise your Trident CNC Router, improve accuracy, flexibility, productivity and quality can be seen below:

ATC - Automatic Tool Changer

Image - trident series automatic tool changer

The AXYZ 7G or 21G automatic tool changer systems ensure a flexible workhorse, providing an easy and convenient method of running jobs requiring multiple routing tools. When combined with an HSD quick release spindle, the ATC system is the fastest methods of changing tools on a regular basis. Attached to the gantry, the ATC is able to change tooling more efficiently than conventional CNC routers, as a result, throughput capacity when processing multiple tool operations see a dramatic improvement.

AXYZ Vision System

Image - Trident Series AVS Camera

The AXYZ Vision system is a high performance, low cost solution for the digital print finishing industry. A low cost camera mounted to the cutting head offers extreme accuracy advances. The power behind the AVS lies in its software which is fully integrated within the new AXYZ A2MC machine control system. It works by quickly finding and recognizing conventional registration marks to adjust the cutting path as necessary to achieve exact alignment with printed shapes.

This allows virtually any printed material to be cut including, card, vinyl, rubber, foam, aluminium, wood, acrylic and lots more which opens up many new markets and opportunities for digital printers.

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Unist Mister

Image - Trident Unist Mister

The Unist Mister primarily used for cutting for cutting non-ferrous metals including Aluminium, Brass and Copper, operates with more precision and reliability than any other dispensing system available.

The pulse generator allows for automatic, infinite repeat cycling of the lubricant pump from a single air source. The result is a continuous output of a micro-fine lubricant mist providing longer tool life, better cut finish and higher cutting speeds of non-ferrous metals.

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Pop-Up Location Pins

Image - pop-up location pins

Pop-up location pins are another innovative feature offered on the Trident Series. The hardened steel pins are pneumatically activated to allow fast, repeatable placement of your cutting materials onto the machine. Pop up pins are the most reliable method of ensuring your materials are on straight, and with the full pneumatic retraction, there is no fear of any cutting tool collision with the pin.

Because the pins are integrated to the deck of the machine, they are fixed in place and cannot be knocked out of alignment. The 20mm steel pins are extremely robust and can stand up to the repeated impacts of locating materials in place on the bed for the life of your machine.

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