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Specialised Support Packages

Preventive Maintenance 

AXYZ Smart Program has incorporated a semi-annual preventive maintenance option for router tables. Here at AXYZ we realise that downtime costs you money, with our new smart program you can prevent unplanned failures.

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Bronze Annual Telephone Support Package

The Bronze package includes our basic annual telephone support program, which enables you to resolve any machine or tooling issues.

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Silver Annual Telephone Support Package

The Silver package is an extension to the basic Bronze package, bundled with A2MC upgrades and GUI modules for those owners that want to utilize the most current Operating systems and features.

In addition, the Silver package includes 3 hours of FREE online training, helpfing your configure software and process applications, and as something extra we provide you with 10% discount on all additional hours.

Last but not least, this package enables 10% discount on our CNCRoutershop store on parts, tooling and consumables.

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Gold Annual Telephone Support Package

The Gold package is an extension of the Silver and Bronze packages, bundled with our new SMART Preventive Maintenance program for those owners that want their machines operating at peak performance.

Priority telephone access ensures that you are top of list when it comes to service calls, offering quicker and more responsive support. 

Being a gold member offers free overnight shipping on orders over $250, 5 hours free online training, 15% discount for additional hours and 15% discount on parts, tooling and consumables for our CNCRoutershop store, your one stop shop for cheaper, more affordable high quality tooling. 

Purchase the Gold Annual Telephone Support Package