AXYZ CNC Router: Rout, chamfer, rabbet, v-groove, dado and pocket

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CNC Routers are versatile tools for solid surface operations, allowing you to cut to size, rout, chamfer, rabbet, v-groove, dado, pocket and carve material.

solid surface using cnc routers
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Solid Surface

solid surface using cnc routers

CNC Routers are one of the most versatile tools for any solid surface operation. Cut to size, rout, chamfer, rabbet, v-groove, dado, pocket, carve and more.

With a CNC Router from AXYZ International you will be able to greatly expand the capabilities of your shop, reduce labor hours, improve efficiency, and become more competitive in your market. Machine a variety of materials including MDF, Plywood, hardwood, melamine laminates, solid surface materials, and more into the parts you need on a production basis.

Select an AXYZ 4000 or 5000 Series CNC router and equip it to fit your needs. Configure the length you need for your materials and shop space. Many solid surface fabricators choose machines that can process 4x8' and 5x10' sized sheet stock. Solid surface products often come in 12’ lengths, so consider all the materials you want to work with.

Add productivity options like a 7 or 21 automatic tool changer, along with apneumatic drillfor single holes, or a boring block for 32 mm shelve holes.

Addpop-up location pinsfor repeatable material location and a high power vacuum pump system to hold your materials in place on the zoned vacuumed bed.

Power your AXYZ CNC router with virtually any CAM software, including ArtCAM, Enroute, Type 3, AlphCAM or Mastercam. Connect your cabinet design software (KCDW, CabinetPro, RouterCAD, Cabinet Vision) to one of these CAM programs to create a complete nested based manufacturing solution.

AXYZ also delivers a budget conscious machine with the Z7 series cnc router. The Z7 is a powerful single spindle tool machine that delivers flawless performance on a budget price. As an entry level CNC machine, the Z7 series offers the precision, speed and performance of more expensive machines.

AXYZ International will deliver the tools for your business to succeed with. Contact AXYZ today for more information.

Machining Solid Surface on an AXYZ CNC router