AXYZ SmartConsole: Boosting productivity for CNC Machines

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The AXYZ SmartConsole boosts productivity for CNC machines, offering unprecedented ease of use, context sensitive menus and real time graphical displays.

axyz cnc router smart console
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axyz smart console for cnc routersThe AXYZ SMART Console brings to your machine operator increased convenience and features aimed at boosting productivity in an intuitive and compact package.

The new AXYZ SMART Console offers unprecedented ease of use, context sensitive menus, realtime display of machine status and many more time-saving, usability and productivity features. It provides a graphical preview and current status of a running job and allows program feeds and speeds to be changed without pausing the program.

Built in help systems make it easy for new machine operators to learn and the many 'power' features are a real boost to productivity for experienced operators.

smart console menu for cnc routers

Context sensitive menus and real time display of machine status.

smart console menu for cnc routers

View jobs in current folder as well as sub folders.

smart console graphics for cnc routers

Graphic preview of jobs. Also shows progress during cutting.


What makes the New AXYZ SMART Console so smart?

  • Large full colour display shows an actual preview of the selected job
  • Watch the cut progress live on the display. Green is cut, red is ready to cut
  • Visually select individual shapes to re-cut, skip or advance to
  • “Windows” style file navigation makes job selection simple and intuitive
  • Context sensitive keys that change function depending upon the function or mode you are in
  • Real time display of machine position and functions
  • Displays tool names instead of just numbers
  • Select tools by name
  • Adjust machine feed rate “on the fly”
  • Hot keys allow for easy operation of dust collectors, spindles, vacuum pumps and other peripherals
  • Compact robust design manufactured to industrial standards
AXYZ Smart Console