Industrial CNC Routers by AXYZ critical for POP success

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CNC Routers have been vital to the success of many POP sales. The diverse nature of CNC Routers allows suppliers to meet the diverse needs of the industry.

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Point of Purchase / Sale (POS / POP)

point of purchase POP using cnc routersAXYZ International CNC Routers have been critical to the success of many suppliers of Point Of Purchase / Point Of Sale displays. The diverse nature of the products produced for the POP business means the suppliers to this trade need to have a diverse set of capabilities in design and production. 

An AXYZ CNC router offers the machine with the widest range of capabilities in the industry. Machine a wide variety of products from day to day on your AXYZ CNC Router, depending on the demand of your customers. Rout or cut foam core, corrugated cardboard, MDF, PVC, Acrylic, Coroplast, Sintra, Di-bond or any of the other materials you use in your production shop.

AXYZ advantages include the capacity for single and multiple head machines for the demands of your business. Productivity options set AXYZ above others in the industry. Add options including automatic tool changers, oscillating tangential knife cutters, drill heads, and the innovative AXYZ AVS Vision registration system.

For very high accuracy requirements and outstanding cut edge quality, consider the Pacer Series CNC routers with heavy duty base and steel gantry as standard. The Pacer Series are available in single tool, or Automatic Tool Changer configurations and with all of the same options as for the AXYZ machines. 

The advantages AXYZ International delivers with every one of our CNC Routers translate into greater efficiencies for your business, open up more opportunities for productivity and deliver a wider range of capabilities for your manufacturing department.

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