Optimus: A Brand New, All-In-One, Cabinet Making CNC Solution

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Designed exclusively for cabinet makers, Optimus offers a customized CNC machine configuration, dedicated support and a range of specially designed options.

Optimus: An all-in-one cabinet making CNC solution
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Who's it for?

Designed exclusively for the cabinet making industry, Optimus is a complete solution that offers a customized machine configuration, dedicated support and a range of specially designed machine options to ensure a cabinet makers job is made easy.

Small and medium-size businesses benefit from its impressive technology, ease of use and local technical support, while large workshops are able to boost productivity and reduce overall costs with the Auto Sheet Handling System.

Why Optimus?

Optimus is the newest, all-one-one, cabinet making CNC Solution in the industry, built in our state-of-the-art factory in Burlington, Canada by the best team in manufacturing. We challenged our engineering team to develop a CNC solution that encompasses all that is cabinet making, from a slick design to an easy to use interface, a robust build to overwhelming production capabilities. 

The industrial design offers both remarkable aesthetics and invaluable practicality. Key electrical components have been repositioned for easier access and more efficient maintenance capabilities. A redesigned machine bed allows seamless production capabilities with the Auto Sheet Handling System. 

Using the latest technology in the industry, Helical Rack and Pinion and servo motors with planetary drives offer unrivalled performance, making jobs quicker, more efficient and remarkably accurate. 

Specially designed machine options such as the Auto Sheet Handling System with Scissor Lift and the Conveyor Table for Material Offloading offers end users a fast and efficient way of boosting productivity and reducing costs. 

Compatible with all industry standard software

Optimus is designed for fast and effortless cabinet making, and is compatible with all standard industry software. Optimus offers users unparalleled familiarity for integrating with virtually all existing cabinet making software packages.

Use the Solid Essentials from Cabinet Vision for intuitive design, nesting and programming. This software provides the essential tools required to automate your manufacturing process in the most efficient and productive way possible. Learn more about Cabinet Vision Software.

Local Support Network

Our team believe it’s crucial to stay local and keep in touch with all our customers. So much so, we have sales and support offices in Canada, the United States, the UK, Poland and India, enabling us to directly interact with more than 90% of our customers. 

In North America alone we have offices 3 offices in Canada (Burlington, Calgary and Quebec) and 5 offices in the United States (Cincinnati, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Tampa and New Jersey).

The service department operating under the CNCRoutershop brand have factory trained engineers on hand at each location ready to respond either on site or remotely. Our 24/7 online store provides tooling, parts, software and online support, which means you are in direct contact with the factory when required.

Designed For You, Built For You

Available in a variety of standard sizes, Optimus delivers an easy to use platform that is capable of processing all standard sheet sizes. With process areas up to 74.5” (1,892mm) wide by 20ft (6m) long, there is always a solution to suit your exact needs.

Optimus has incorporated a wide range of performance enhancing features as standard to ensure a robust construction that is capable of delivery superb power, versatility and productivity.

The following standard features are included;

Optimus Heavy-Duty Steel Base

Heavy-Duty Steel Base

Built on a heavy-duty steel frame, Optimus offers the perfect platform for high speed, vibration free machining of even the toughest material. An extra rigid base offers cabinet makers precision and smooth cutting.

Optimus 8" Steel Gantry

8" Steel Gantry

In addition to the heavy-duty steel base, Optimus benefits from an 8” steel gantry. The majority of AXYZ CNC routers utilize an aluminum gantry which provides an ideal balance of strength to mass for most cutting applications. However, the cabinet making industry require the greater mass of a steel gantry, ensuring rigidity and consistency when cutting high tolerance components.

Optimus Twin Head Dust Extraction Chamber

Twin Head Dust Extraction Chamber 

A bespoke, twin head dust extraction chamber delivers a remarkable design aside a range of powerful components. The cutting head combines a high-speed routing spindle with a multi-spindle gang drill for desired cut quality and performance. The chamber designed incorporates a built-in pressure foot which offers an efficient, vertically orientated extraction system that ensures excellent swarf extraction.

Optimus Helical Rack and Pinion Drive System

Helical Rack and Pinion, Servo Motors with Planetary Drives

Powerful drive systems have been designed to provide exceptional performance, whilst continuing to deliver greater accuracy, smoother cutting and quieter running. By combining both systems it allows Optimus to run at up to 2000ipm (50m/min) with the appropriate guarding.

Auto Zone Management

Aluminum Vacuum Deck with Auto Zone Management

The Aluminum Vacuum Deck is one of the most important components in any machine system. The innovative design offers the most efficient and effective method of distributing vacuum pressure across the machine. The design allows zoned areas to be opened and closed to optimize vacuum hold down as required, eliminating any zone to zone vacuum bleed.

Standard on Optimus, Auto Zone Management is a unique, highly configurable option that enables vacuum zones to operate in three ways. Live Deck automatically activates zones according to the live position of the cutting head for optimum hold down. Pendulum Processing allows for continuous production across two virtual zones. Finally, Total Manual Control enables individual zones to be switched on and off. 

Cabinet Vision Software for Optimus CNC router

Dedicated Software

Optimus is designed for fast and effortless cabinet making. The Solid Essentials package from Cabinet Vision comes as standard offering intuitive design, nesting and programming. This essential tool helps automate your manufacturing process in the most efficient and productive way possible.

For existing software users, don’t worry, Optimus is compatible with all standard industry software offering operators unparalleled familiarity for integrating with virtually all existing cabinet making software packages. 

Specially Designed Performance Enhancements

Fully customizable, Optimus offers a range of machine options carefully selected for cabinet makers like you, that contribute to significantly improved cut quality and shop productivity:

Optimus High Power Spindles

High Power Routing Spindles

Select from a range of high power spindles for your desire cut quality and performance. The 5.0HP and 10.8HP HSD Quick Release spindles are incredibly quiet and robust. With a simple yet powerful pneumatic quick release feature, these spindles can be operated manually or in conjunction with our Automatic Tool Changer. 

Each HSD spindle operates at a maximum speed of 24,000 RPM and can accelerate to full speed in a matter of seconds, and brake just as fast.

Optimus Multi-Spindle Gang Drill

Multi-Spindle Gang Drill

A key productivity tool for cabinet-makers, the Multi-Spindle Gang Drill offers drilling capabilities to your CNC Router. This reduces material handling and potential damage to your components as a result of multiple location transfers, and at the same time reduces labor costs by streamlining the production process. Drill heads are available in a 5 or 9 tool configuration.

Optimus Automatic Tool Changer

Automatic Tool Changer

Optimus is available with a 10 position automatic tool changer which provides an easy and convenient method of running jobs requiring multiple routing tools. When used in conjunction with a powerful, quick release routing spindle, the Automatic Tool Changer system is the fasted method of changing tools on a regular basis and will deliver a dramatic improvement in throughput capacity when processing multiple tool operations.

Optimus Auto Sheet Handling System

Auto Sheet Handling System with Scissor Lift 

Our gantry suction system is designed to automatically transfer sheet material from an indexing material lifter and place it directly on the machine for cutting. An ideal option for high production environments or where occupational health and safety issues arise due to manual handling of heavy sheets.

Optimus Conveyor Table for Material Offloading

Conveyor Table for Material Offloading

Our product offloading arm and auto offloading table removes cut parts and waste material from the bed to help achieve maximum productivity. Combine this option with the Auto Sheet Handling System for a fully automated solution for your workshop. 

Optimus Jib Arm for Hose Management

Hose Management

An aluminum vacuum hose support arm effectively and conveniently supports the dust extraction hose. This prevents the unnatural bending of the hose offering improved chip extraction, while also maintain a clear process area when cutting.

Optimus DC-103 Dust Extractor

Dust Extraction

A DC-103 3HP dust extraction system is the ideal chip collection for your workshop. A large capacity extraction system, with a very powerful motor incorporates a cyclonic facility which allows the collection of substantial volumes of various materials and is ideal for use where heavy-duty pick-up is required. 

Optimus Pop-Up Pins

Pop-Up Pins

An innovative feature which delivers hardened steel pins that are pneumatically activated to allow fast, repeatable placement of your cutting material. Pop-Up Pins are the most reliable method of ensuring your material are on straight, and with the full pneumatic retraction, there is no fear of any cutting tool collisions with the pin. 

The pins are integrated into the deck of the machine, fixed in place and cannot be knocked out of alignment. The 20mm steel pins are extremely robust and can stand up to repeated impacts of locating materials in place for the life of your machine. Requires Compressed Air 80-100 PS.