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Design, manufacturers and installation of integrated CNC Routers and Knife solutions. Designed to reduce production bottlenecks and increase throughput.

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CNC Integrated Solutions

AXYZ International designs, manufactures & delivers Integrated CNC Solutions. 

Our belief is that the customer is best served by working with a partner that will listen to their needs, a partner that will work together with them to address their production bottlenecks, and a partner that will deliver the best bundle of products and services for mutual success.

This is the process of developing an integrated solution. Our teams of technical sales and application experts have a great deal of experience in a wide range of CNC processes. This experience is gained, not by selling a few machines each year as independent dealers, but by being part of the greater AXYZ International group, and working closely with factory product specialists and engineers to ensure that we are offering solutions that work for our customers. We deliver the complete package in a format that meets your demands for quality, reliability and value.

AXYZ has the expertise to develop an Integrated CNC Solution for your organization. As we have already done for thousands of others, the solution will include a package of products, services, and technologies that function more effectively as a whole than the sum of the individual elements that comprise it.

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