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CNC Routing Solutions for Insulated Ductwork Fabrication. Designed to revolutionise pre-insulation air ducting construction. Ideal for duplicating components.

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ductmaker cnc routersThe Ductmaker from AXYZ International is a CNC Routing Solution which has been designed to help revolutionize pre-insulated air ducting construction within the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.

The Ductmaker is specially suited for cutting and grooving phenolic foam and is able to replicate each component time and time again.

Using an AXYZ Ductmaker for processing the Kingspan Koolduct Zero ODP system could not be easier. Automating the fabrication process takes out the labor intensive work required and removes the need for marking out, creating templates or using Jack Planes. It also reduces the human error factor that can happen on a busy shop floor.

  • Complicated panels are made easy
  • No second cuts
  • No mistakes
  • Panels come off machine perfect, ready for joining
  • Any shape, curves angle or straight
DuctMaker Solution
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