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Developed to enhance the usability, flexibility and quality of the AXYZ CNC Routers. Considering; configuration, cutting, secondary, vacuum and accuracy options.

axyz system options for cnc routers
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CNC Router System Options

The option set that AXYZ International has developed over the last 20 years is easily the most diverse in the industry. Through ongoing research and development, and close ties with our industry partners and vendors, AXYZ has been able to create a large set of machine options that add enormous value to our customers.

Most of these options apply to the AXYZ Series machine exclusively. Others are available on the PACER and Z Series as well. Speak to an AXYZ technical sales specialist to configure the machine to best suit your needs.

Configuration Options

Image - toolchanger

These describe the different styles of gantry and tooling configurations that are currently available for AXYZ Systems.





Cutting Options

Image - tangential knife

These are the primary cutting tools that are available, including routers, knives, drills and more.





Secondary Options

Image - vacuum arm

These are typically accessories to make more efficient use of your CNC Router, including misters, chip collection feet and more.





Vacuum System Options

Image - vacuum pumps

These options include vacuum hold down pumps and blowers, as well as chip collection systems.





Accuracy Options

Image - axyz vision system

These machine options will help you locate your material and tools for more accurate cut parts.