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CNC Machines such as CNC Routers and CNC Knife Cutting Systems are AXYZ Internationals core product allowing customers to machine a range of diverse materials.

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CNC Machines

CNC systems are the core of the product that AXYZ International engineers, builds, sells and supports. We have been involved in the development of standard and custom systems since 1988. Our machinery manufacturing focuses on two major cutting system formats:

CNC Router Systems for processing rigid and semi rigid materials with a rotary cutting tool. CNC Routers can machine materials as diverse as natural woods (hardwoods, soft woods, cork), engineered wood products (plywood, MDF, wood composites), plastics (ABS, acrylic, HDPE, polycarbonate, PVC, UHMW and more), non-ferrous metals (Aluminum, brass, copper), fiberglass composites, foam products, as well as other engineered products including metal composites, phenolics, and more. CNC Routers can operate simultaneously in three axes of motion to create three dimensional surfaces for moulds or finished products, as well as machine in two axes simultaneously to create shapes out of flat materials.

CNC Knife Cutting Systems for processing flexible materials or thin soft plastics. Knife systems come in several configurations, depending on the materials to be cut and the nature of the cutting application. Knife tools that are available for the AXYZ system include a light duty drag knife (often used for thin material cutting such as vinyl, paper or paint mask), heavy duty drag knife (for heavier or thicker materials including rubber, belted rubber, card board, felt, corrugated paper or plastic and more), a tangential knife (for heavy duty cutting requiring squared corners or other non-traditional materials) and an oscillating tangential knife for a wide range of semi-rigid materials.

Both of these systems are based on similar three axis machine design principles, but each with a different primary processing tool.