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CNC Knife Cutting System: Oscillating Knifes, Tangential Knifes, Heavy Duty Drag Knifes and Vinyl Knifes, built to meet precise application needs.

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CNC Knife Systems

axyz knife solutions for cnc routersCNC Knife cutting systems from AXYZ International are another innovative solution that AXYZ has developed to satisfy demand from industry. Built on the rugged platform of our CNC Router product line, the knife systems are built to meet specific application needs for each of our customers. 

Using our knife cutting systems you can process a wide range of materials including, but not limited to

Graphic Foam boards, Closed Cell Foam, Plastic-covered Foam, Corrugated Cardboard and Plastic, Gasket Materials, Rubber, Cork, Carpet, Felt and other Single-ply Cloth or Fabric, Vinyl and more…

The knife system can be equipped with several different styles of knife head options.

  1. Oscillating Tangential Knife

    1. The Oscillating knife is designed to provide high accuracy cutting of a wide range of semi rigid materials. Blade oscillation and tangential control ensures that the cutting blade delivers accurate cuts even on thicker materials without excessive over cut.

    2. The Oscillating knife is available with a wide range of blade lengths and attack angles, to suit a wide variety of materials.

    3. The Oscillating knife in conjunction with the AXYZ AVS system delivers incredible value for any print to cut operation. 

  2. Tangential Knife

    1. The Tangential knife system is designed to provide accurate cutting of heavier flexible and semi-rigid materials. The Tangential control allows the machine to accurately cut square corners and maintain part accuracy.

    2. The Tangential knife system can be integrated with virtually any other AXYZ option set. 

    3. A range of optional interchangeable blade holders are available for the Tangential Knife which enable it to be used for cutting rubber, composites, duct liner and a wide selection of soft and semi rigid materials.

  3. Heavy Duty Drag Knife

    1. The Heavy Duty drag knife is designed to cut a wide variety of flexible and semi rigid materials. Equipped with a spring loaded glider foot, the Heavy Duty drag knife can easily cut materials including paper, card board, thin rubber (up to 10mm), corrugated paper and plastic.

    2. The drag knife system is easily combined with the other available options for AXYZ Machines, including multiple tools and other cutting heads.

  4. Vinyl Knife

    1. The Vinyl drag knife is designed to cut standard vinyl. It is equipped with a fine drag knife blade with an adjustable spring loading for fine control.

    2. The Vinyl knife system is ideal for kiss cutting applications where precise pressure and depth control are required.

    3. The Vinyl knife system is easily combined with the other available options for AXYZ Machines, including multiple tools and other cutting heads and can also be fitted with a pen tool for plotting applications.

Processing Cardboard using AXYZ Knife Heads
Cutting Foamboard with the AXYZ Tangential Knife

Machine Configurations 

The Knife systems, as stand alone or multipurpose systems, are built on the robust structure of the AXYZ Series cnc router systems. This design ensures consistency of manufacturing, as well as the ability to upgrade and multi-task your investment. 

Standard features of the systems include a Vacuum hold down ready machine bed, open table access from all sides, our easy to use but powerful AXYZ A2MC machine control system, low maintenance mechanical motion components, and the quality of our manufacturing and support groups. 

Standard AXYZ Series machines come in the widest range of available sizes in the industry. Integrate the knife head of your choice onto the standard platform and you have a powerful cutting system. Integrate the Knife head with the multi-tool capability of the AXYZ system and you have a system that can process an even wider range of materials. 

By creating a common platform, the AXYZ Knife solutions can be easily integrated into a wide variety of industries, including POP displays, graphic imaging (for print finishing), sign making, upholstery and furniture fabrication, marine fabrication and more.