Low-Cost CNC Router: Full Sized with High Quality Components

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AXYZ Z Series: A Low-Cost, industrial CNC router, perfect for first time CNC users processing plastic, woods, foams and non-ferrous metals, in 2D or 3D.

axyz z series cnc routers
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AXYZ Z Series

axyz z7 series cnc routersThe Z Series CNC routers from AXYZ International are our entry level CNC Routers, built to our exacting standards for industrial use.

The Z series CNC routers, manufactured by AXYZ International, are a completely re-invented version of this classic workhorse. They offer the robust construction that AXYZ products are known for, combined with a budget conscious set of configurations. The Z Series are multi-purpose routing machines, designed for cutting all types of plastics, woods, foams and non-ferrous metals in both 2D and 3D.

The Z series are available with a standard process area, designed for efficient use of your material sizes and is designed for a high performance to price ratio. With features that you find on much higher priced machines including welded steel frame, profile linear bearing rails, and a multi-purpose aluminium vacuum and clamping bed, the Z series are hard to beat. 

Standard features on all Z7 Series machines include:

Elte 5 HP spindle (6000 – 24000 RPM) complete with swarf pick-up.
Available for use with a three phase power supply
Industry proven advanced machine controller.
Machine side SubConsole for machine operations.
Vacuum ready aluminum T-slot bed.
Welded steel frame.
6" Z-Axis clearance.
Linear profile bearings.
Ballscrew Z axis 

Standard Processing Areas  
Z3 47" x 47"
Z7 51" x 98"
Standard Gantry Clearance / Z stroke 6" / 7.5" (150mm) / (190mm)
Optional Gantry Clearance None
Drive System X, Y Axis Direct Drive Rack and Pinion, Z Axis Ballscrew
Maximum Positioning Speed 700 ipm
Control System AXYZ A2MC machine controller
  SubConsole user controller at machine side
  4 Gb Onboard memory for Jobs
  Network connection for job download
  Full NC g-code program compatibility
Popular options Misting system
  Vacuum Hold down pumps and blowers
  Artcam Insignia or Express
  Heavy duty drag knife
  Vinyl knife / pen plotter attachment