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8000 Series CNC Router: Configured with dual carriage option to machine high volume in duplicate format, doubling your output capacity. Ideal for 8' material.

axyz 8000 series cnc routers
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AXYZ 8000 Series CNC RoutersThe 8000 Series offers a processing width of over 100" and starts with a standard processing length of 122", increasing in 24" increments. This format is the machine of choice for manufacturers who work with 8’ wide materials as called for in their products. These manufacturers include Sign makers, Ambulance / Automotive / RV Builders, Aluminum fabricators, Plastic Fabricators, Marine manufacturers, and more.

The 8000 series machine is an ideal platform for fabricators that want to be able to work with sheet materials that are 8’ wide or two sheets of 4’ wide material at the same time. Configured with a dual Carriage option you can machine high volume parts in a duplicate format, doubling your output capacity. This application is common for volume fabricators in the plastics / acrylics and aluminum business. 

The AXYZ 8000 Series machine is a large machine with a large mass gantry. This is where the capacity of the AXYZ A2MC Controller is apparent. With easy adjustments for the acceleration and maximum speeds, the power of the seven segment motion profile really shines. By actively managing the Acceleration and Deceleration the finish quality of the parts from the machine increases dramatically. The easy to use AXYZ SmartConsole rides alongside the machine gantry for ease of startup, no matter where you are on the large machine bed.

Standard Processing Width 101"
Standard Processing Length 120"
Optional Additional Length 24" Increments
Standard Gantry Clearance / Z stroke 6" / 10"
Optional Gantry Clearance 8", 10", 12"
Drive System X, Y – Rack and Pinion Z – Ballscrew
Maximum Positioning Speed 1,000ipm (Optional 1,500ipm and 2,000ipm)
Control System 7 Segment motion profile
  FPGA processor for high speed complex calculations
  Dedicated true NC control – G and M codes
  Network connection
  4 Gb onboard memory
  AXYZ SmartConsole
Popular options Collet Spindles
  Direct drive servo motors on all axes
  Automatic Toolchangers
  Drilling options
  Knife heads
  Multiple Routing heads
  Multiple Carriages
  AVS Vision Registration system
  Pneumatic Material Location Pins
  High precision Helical Rack & Pinions on X and Y
Power requirements 208-230 V 3 Phase / 440-460 V 3 Phase