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AXYZ 2000 Series CNC Router: Providing a processing width of 24" to offer a cost effective, efficient and space concious CNC Router.

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The AXYZ 2000 Series CNC Router is a cost effective, industry specific CNC machine, attracting customers with small square footage and short processing requirements. The 2000 series offers a processing width of 28” and processing lengths starting at 48”, with optional 24” increments. Like all AXYZ Series CNC Routers, the configurability enables the 2000 series to handle the widest range of CNC tooling and application options in the industry.

Whilst well suited for a wide range of industry applications, the 2000 series are commonly found in industries, where space is restricted and efficiency is desired. The 2000 series CNC Router presents the opportunity to easily process materials in excess of 2’ wide, and virtually any length you may work with. The standard 6" gantry clearance and 10" ball screw Z stroke allows for thicker substrates to be easily loaded and unloaded from the working area.

The AXYZ A2MC Control system drives the AXYZ 2000 series, delivering the most interactive and productive CNC Router in the industry. At the heart of every CNC Router, the A2MC provides high speed data processing capability, seven segment motion control and Mod-Bus communication delivered in real-time.

The 2000 series CNC Router from AXYZ International combined with the AVS Vision Registration System provides a perfect balance which is in high demand in the Sign Making and Digital Printing industries. Business owners and production managers alike appreciate the cost/value relationship. The reduction in processing width allows highly productive companies to conduct pendulum processing and run multiple machines simultaneously within restricted floor space.

Standard Processing Width 28"
Standard Processing Length 48"
Optional Additional Length 24" Increments
Standard Gantry Clearance / Z stroke 6" / 10"
Optional Gantry Clearance 8", 10", 12"
Drive System X, Y – Rack and Pinion, Z – Ballscrew
Standard Positioning Speed 1,000ipm (Optional 1,500ipm and 2,000ipm)
Control System 7 Segment motion profile
  FPGA processor for high speed complex calculations
  Dedicated true NC control – G and M codes
  Network connection
  4 Gb onboard memory
  AXYZ SmartConsole
Popular options Collet Spindles
  Direct drive servo motors on all axes
  Automatic Toolchangers
  Drilling options
  Knife heads
  Multiple Routing heads
  Multiple Carriages
  AVS Vision Registration system
  Pneumatic Material Location Pins
  High precision Helical Rack & Pinions on X and Y
Power requirements 208-230 V 3 Phase / 440-460 V 3 Phase