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10000 Series CNC Router: The largest standard width format, chosen for its vitality, cost efficiency and ease of use in the RV, ACM and Sign Making industries.

axyz 10000 series cnc routers
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AXYZ 10000 Series CNC RoutersThe AXYZ 10000 Series CNC Router is the largest standard width format that AXYZ manufactures. The 10000 Series offers a processing bed width of 126", making it the largest standard machine in the industry.

The 10000 Series was originally conceived and delivered for Recreational Vehicle manufacturers. The demand for a robust, reliable CNC solution for RV sidewall fabrication led many of these manufacturers to the capacity of the 10000 Series. The 10000 Series allows a full size sheet of material to be loaded and processed. The 10000 Series is built in sections for ease of travel and on site assembly. Each Section is 8ft long which allows standard processing lengths from 6ft to 46ft and beyond in 8ft increments.

Custom machine surfaces can be supplied for the 10000 Series, depending on the application requirement. For large panel wall applications, an integrated roller transfer system has been built into the deck for material handling. Other applications have seen standard AXYZ Vacuum decks, or custom clamping systems designed and integrated.

While most AXYZ International CNC Routers can be installed and commissioned in a day or less, the 10000 series calls for a more involved process to ensure true motion of the gantry and levelness of the working unit. This is accomplished by a team of professional installers and engineers who will be sure your investment is working to the factory spec when they are done.

The AXYZ 10000 Series CNC Router is used not only in the RV industry, but also in a wide range of manufacturing facilities, including Aluminum Fabrication (toolboxes), Signmaking, Lamination facilities and more.

The AXYZ 10000 Series is the choice of these facilities for its robustness, cost effectiveness and ease of use.

Standard Processing Width 126"
Standard Processing Length 72"
Optional Additional Length 96" Increments
Standard Gantry Clearance / Z stroke 6" / 10"
Optional Gantry Clearance 8", 10", 12"
Drive System X, Y – Rack and Pinion Z – Ballscrew
Maximum Positioning Speed 1,000ipm (Optional 1,500ipm and 2,000ipm)
Control System 7 Segment motion profile
  FPGA processor for high speed complex calculations
  Dedicated true NC control – G and M codes
  Network connection
  4 Gb onboard memory
  AXYZ SmartConsole
Popular options Collet Spindles
  Direct drive servo motors on all axes
  Automatic Toolchangers
  Drilling options
  Knife heads
  Multiple Routing heads
  Multiple Carriages
  AVS Vision Registration system
  Pneumatic Material Location Pins
  High precision Helical Rack & Pinions on X and Y
  Vacuum Hold Down and custom clamping systems
Power requirements 208-230 V 3 Phase / 440-460 V 3 Phase